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Why should you consider partnering with us?

With prior experience in assisting multiple businesses in boosting their ROI, we have just the right technology trending in the market. Our AI-driven solution is an amalgamation of powerful capabilities, with the bot being an integral part.

Process Automation Platform

We have the most in-demand features you can sell! Let your clients enjoy minimum human intervention and save time and money with our robust process automation platform with features like:

  • Dynamic Dashboard Reports
  • Low-Code Platform
  • Third-Party Generative AI
  • High Security And Encryption
  • Dynamic Forms And Task Designers
  • AI/ ML Powered
  • Intelligent Workflow Designer
  • OCR And PDF Parser

AI Driven Chatbot Solution

Our chatbot solution is packed with several abilities ensuring a competitive edge. We have our chatbot designed for multiple industries. Therefore, giving you a notably wide customer base. Its features include:

  • Natural Language Processing Capabilities
  • Security Compliance
  • Contextual Understanding
  • Generative Response
  • Personalization
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Scalability and Continuous Learning
  • Data Source Integration

Cutting-edge Centralized CRM Platform

Our centralized CRM allows customers the freedom of communication from their preferred channel. A unified database allows teams to have contextual and meaningful conversations with their prospects. Brimming with latest features, it is a must-have for all industries:

  • Omnichannel
  • Modular Flexibility
  • Unified History
  • Configurable solution
  • Employee Efficiency
  • Customer Insights
  • Personalized Experience
  • Dashboards and Reports

Access Any Product As Per Your Choice With Ultimate Flexibility

Don’t want to opt for our full-fledged solution? No worries! Pick and choose from a pool of features and proceed with the one that attracts more value to your business!

Make More Profit With Value Added Services

Treat your clients with a unique approach and customizable solution. You can cash in more profit with other value-added services such as software installation, implementation, and also integration of third-party apps, etc.

Benefit Yourself and Your Clients

We offer products that will benefit your clients. They can get all they need on the same platform and each sale will earn you a much-deserved profit. It is a win-win situation for you and your client.

Boost ROI With Repeated After-Sales Services

After-sales services can also add to your ROI. When your client’s business grows, they may want to add new users, features, modules, etc. Also, they may as well renew or upgrade their subscription. All these services can generate a massive income from your initial sale.

Boost ROI With Repeated After-Sales Services

After-sales services can also add to your ROI. When your client’s business grows, they may want to add new users, features, modules, etc. Also, they may as well renew or upgrade their subscription. All these services can generate a massive income from your initial sale.

Stroll Around Our Partner Habitat

Cater to businesses of various industries and sizes with customized solutions having flexibility nobody else can offer! Grow your customer base with our impeccable robust state-of-the art automated business solutions. 

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What benefits will you get from being our partner?

  • Straightforward and simple partner terms
  • Zero entry fee
  • No hidden costs
  • Rapidly growing SaaS solutions
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Lucrative Commission 

Get about 30-50% commission from your sales and 30% from any additional value-added services you provide. You can bundle your own services and earn direct revenue as well.

Free Leads

We will help you find potential clients from multiple locations so you can comfortably commence your partner journey with us. It is the best way to get a pre-defined platform and save effort! 

Marketing Assistance

Whether your marketing includes traditional marketing only or offline campaigns, we can arrange the right marketing resources to provide the best kickstart and further promotion.

Your Clients Will Fall In Love With Our Product!

A Comprehensive Tool Set

A state-of-the-art solution for a modern business. A full-fledged set of tools to collaborate, promote, manage sales, promote, and grow. 

Highly Compelling

Assign a fresh task to a colleague, phone a client, or create a newsletter - having the flexibility to manage it all on the same platform is very compelling.

Trending In The Market

A centralized, customizable, and flexible product like ours is the one trending in the market! Give your clients a competitive edge with its unmatched capabilities.

Become Our Family

You are more than our sales partner; you are our dearest friend who is always welcome to participate in our solutions’s roadmap development, offline events, and webinars possibly collaborating on global projects.

A Strong Foundation Of Trust

Any relation our company forms prioritizes trust, loyalty, understandability, and transparency. We offer no set-up fees and no hidden costs. Requirements and benefits for each partner are unchanging and fair.

Get a Complimentary Product Copy

As our partner, you receive a complimentary product copy for hands-on exploration of all features and modules. Additionally, you gain access to comprehensive product documentation and the API.

Finish Your Training  

Acquire your complimentary premium subscription by completing a no-cost course designed for new partners. Engage in our specialized courses tailored for sales teams or developers to enhance your proficiency with our automated solution.

Commence Your Promotion

Gain access to a wealth of marketing resources, publicly endorse the product on your website, and inform your clients about the platform. As an added perk, enjoy receiving leads at no cost from us! Seize the opportunity to connect with potential clients and close your deals.

Embrace Client Loyalty

Our products have unparalleled features and won’t make your clients complain. With our team of experts supporting updating the products as per current market needs, your clients will not want to switch to your competition.

Generate Revenue

Resell subscriptions or license keys, and offer supplementary services to your clients. Attain your sales targets to ascend to higher partner status, unlocking increased earning potential and even more advantages.

Get Opportunities Across Markets

Modern businesses look for services fulfilling their unique needs. Utilize our robust and dynamic capabilities to deliver your customers exactly what they want.

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