Made Easy With Process Automation

Chatbot as a Solution for Seamless Human-Like Assistance

Build Intelligent, Professional, And Realistic Conversations With No Code Chatbots.

Generative AI for Smarter Conversations

24/7 AI Chat Excellence With Automated Chatbot.

Enhance effectiveness through AI-driven process automation

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, including Natutal Language Processing, Botgo offers an advanced blend of chatbot and process automation solution. Botgo as a Process Automation solution offers tailored, efficient, and secure chatbot & RPA solution across various industries.

Business Process Automation

BOTGO is steadfast in its commitment to empowering businesses, enabling them to elevate customer experiences, enhance operational efficiency, and attain their growth objectives.

Robotics Process Automation

Automate repetitive, rule-based, high-volume tasks with Robotics Process Automation that can interact with any application and process without disturbing the existing business systems.

Smoothly Integrate chatbot to your website

Use our chatbot templates to get more leads, conversions and customer feedback or support. You can easily customize them to suit your business in just a few clicks. Activate them on your website in a matter of time.

Conversational UX

BOTGO are built with intuitive designs that complement the ease of use while ensuring it performs also all it functions according to your business requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

BOTGO is equipped with an advanced intelligence engine and machine learning capabilities to improve the performance at the time of user queries.

Process Automation For Smoothest Operations In Least Efforts

BOTGO process automation excels in automating such tasks, freeing up human resources to focus on more complex and value-added activities. This automation significantly enhances the ability to handle a large volume of interactions efficiently thus saving time and efforts and boosting productivity.

Empowering Digital Transformation with BOTGO's Process Automation Solution

Process Automation with BOTGO helps to automate more businesses and IT processes at scale with the ease and speed of Robotics Process Automation. Software robots can act on AI insights to complete tasks with no lag time and enable you to achieve digital transformation.

Enterprise Chatbot Solution for Every Business Function

Botgo by Globtier is an advanced AI tool for enhancing customer conversations. Businesses can use it to improve their customer's experience, to generate more sales, queries, or answer FAQs, and to build a deep relationship with customers. They allow your customers to easily interact with your brand through stimulating conversations.

Conversational UX Chatbots for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Conversational experiences use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to simulate conversations with real people in both written and voice formats. BOTGO serves to identify the gaps during the conversation and carries out the contextual conversation & customer engagement to the next level. Chatbot also reducing the bounce rate and keeping customers hooked on till the purpose of conversion is achieved.

Chatbot Virtual Assistant

Convert your online static storefront or a business website to a Dynamic Channel for communicating with your visitors without worrying about the monthly salary of humans.

Benefits of Virtual Assistants:

Increased customer satisfaction

Your customers want results and they want them in a hurry. Chatbot is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase customer satisfaction is to gain their experience and connecting them to answers when they need them.

Ease of installation & maintenance

Chatbot templates & APIs are plentiful, and they’re very easy to A/B test to understand whether your users need more—or not. There’s no downtime for installing or updating the chatbot API on your website.

Scalability And Customization

This state-of-the art technology is easily adaptable to varying enterprise needs and data structures. It scales with the growing volume of data and user interactions while optimally handling the situation in the best way possible.

Customer Support And Service

It gives prompts and spot-on responses to customer inquiries leaving them satisfied with the response. Also, the user can expect 24/7 availability so the customer could get assistance even during the odd hours.

Get A Variety Of Automation Features On BOTGO

Accelerate productivity and reduce errors by discovering the benefits of BOTGO Process Automation, driven by artificial intelligence

Natural Language Interaction

Users can communicate easily with human-like interactions, while improving engagement and accessibility. It reduces the learning curve for new users and enhances end-user satisfaction.

Seamless Data Retrieval

Botgo allows instantaneous access to information from diverse sources. It eliminates manual data search, reduces human errors and saves time. Needless to say that it ensures seamless operations.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Empowers employees to focus on higher-value tasks since they do not have to deal with a long queue of people. It reduces repetitive inquiries, human errors, and improves overall efficiency in the organization.

Data Inquiry and Retrieval

With BOTGO, it becomes easier for employees to swiftly retrieve data for strong analysis and impactful decision-making. It further accelerates project timelines and strategic planning with easy access to data and necessary reports

Cutting-Edge AI Chatbot For Social Media Channel Automation

No Code Chatbots
Better Response
Automation and Integration

No Code Chatbots

Automatic responses to support and sales messages.
  • Build and launch an intelligent chatbot within minutes on social media platforms.
  • No code knowledge is needed. Drag-and-drop features make it easy to create!

Better Response

24/7 availability to clients and prospects on different platforms.
  • Time-saving - no need to manually answer general inquiries and frequent questions.
  • Capture more leads and make more useful connections with automation.

Automation and Integration

Automated third-party apps and platform integration
  • Pre-built native integration with tools such as Google Sheets, hubspots, and zapier.
  • Connect Botgo with other popular tools with REST API functionality.
Maximize Your ROI With Generative AI Solution

Your personalized chatbot to extract insights and boost revenue


The Generative AI Platform

Botgo enables the potency of generative AI to simulate human-like conversations by combining fine-tuned domain models trained on the data of your enterprise with Large Language Models (LLMs).


No Code Platform

Botgo delivers a no-code solution for businesses to boost their customer journey with robustly authoring tools and live insights via the configurable dashboard. You can develop powerful AI agents with pre-built templates while connecting to fine-tuned LLMs.



The integration with a multitude of enterprise applications such as EHRs, EMP, CMS, CRM, and scheduling systems enables Enterprise workflow compression.

By the Numbers


ROI Boost


Growth in leads to conversion rates


Precise managed conversations

Empower Your Chats With Generative AI

Develop And Deploy Within Minutes With Our No-Code Services

Botgo’s Generative AI Chatbot

Generative AI Chat

Botgo offers a no-code platform that allows rapid development and deployment.

Generative Language Models

It understands certain questions with find-tuned LLMs in the targeted function or industry.

Elevate Intelligence Effortlessly With Generative AI

Botgo’s generative AI demonstrates the capacity for continuous learning, progressively evolving and gaining greater intelligence over time. Through iterative processes, the AI absorbs extensive data, fine-tunes its algorithms, and adjusts to novel information and patterns. This perpetual learning cycle enhances its functionalities, enabling AI systems to consistently advance and elevate their intelligence with every interaction and experience.

  1. Natural Language Interaction: Enables chatbots to engage in more human-like conversations.
  2. Efficient Customer Support: Improves efficiency by handling common queries and issues autonomously.
  3. 24/7 Availability: Allows for continuous customer service without human intervention.
  4. Personalization: Tailors responses based on user preferences and history.
  5. Language Translation: Supports multilingual interactions, breaking language barriers.
  6. Learning and Adaptation: Learns from user interactions to continually improve responses.
  7. Cost Savings: Reduces the need for human agents in routine tasks, cutting operational costs.
  8. Quick Response Time: Provides instant responses, enhancing user experience.
  9. Consistent Service: Ensures consistency in providing information and support.
  10. Data Collection: Gathers valuable user data for analytics and insights.
  11. Scalability: Easily scales to handle a large volume of user inquiries
Time Saving

Chatbots will cut time by quickly responding to FAQs and routine inquiries.

Logical Flows

Develop chatbots with intuitive logical flows allowing logical conversations.

Automate Integration

Connect your favorite third-party tools with the latest AI chatbot, Botgo.

We're Market Leaders. Here's Why...

Be where your customers are. Deliver a consolidated customer experience with BOTGO multi-channel customer engagement platform

Human Hand-off Feature

Analyze customer profiles to reach out to your prospects on your website or application in real-time and improve your customer conversions with live chat agents with our human hand-off feature.

24/7 Online Support

Our Chatbot ensures constant customer support experience. The chatbot is available 24/7 to help your users with common issues, FAQs, manuals, tutorials and more

Analytics and Visualization

Use a variety of analytics about your bots with conversion tracking, reporting and chat intelligence to gain insights, allowing you to create effective business reports that match your requirements.


Engage your visitors with always active AI powered Chatbot to answer their FAQs in real time. Automate your sales process to pre-qualify leads and transfer them to the sales team for follow up.

Multi Channel Messaging

Deliver immediate support and engage your customers on messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram with feature-rich conversations.

Highly Customizable Solution

BOTGO's highly customizable process automation solution empower businesses to define, refine, and optimize automation workflows to align with specific objectives.

Conversational Maturity

The AI resolves queries by generating human-like texts to provide a mature and sensible conversation using NLP. It encompasses the ability to communicate effectively, adapt to different conversation styles, and understand and respond to various types of conversation.

Lead Management

It helps Businesses to organize their leads database and fetch it whenever required. This automated system interacts with leads, gathers information, and provides relevant assistance, ultimately contributing to improved customer engagement and conversion rates.

Built to manage any workload

Our platform is designed to scale up to handle millions of users and chat sessions per day. The architecture behind the platform is designed to handle millions of sessions while providing the quickest response times.

Engage Customers with Great Experience

Share messages that are more personal, natural, and appealing than traditional plain text



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Get Started with Pre-Built Templates

"Build your first AI chatbots with ready-to-use templates. Customize them to fit your business needs, and bring your chatbots to life in few clicks."

After analyzing thousands of websites and social media pages, here’s what we learned:

  • Most of them suffer from poor user engagement and user experience.
  • Bots and automated, engaging conversation can significantly enhance your user engagement.
  • Chatbots are interactive and add personality. They persuade your visitors to perform key actions through intelligent conversation.
  • A bot works by promoting your website or social media visitors to interact.
  • You can easily edit any of our pre-built chatbot templates without needing any specific tech skills or coding skills."

Botgo by Globtier:
Intelligent ChatBot Solution that Understands the Customers Behavior

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