CRM Solution

CRM Solution

Interact, Engage, And Manage With our No code, Low code CRM solution for your complete customer Lifecycle management. Manage your customer journey for sales, customer on-boarding, customer service, upsell, collections and retention. Customise your workflows in the CRM the way you think best fits your business process.

A centralized platform to cater to your team and customers. Comes integrated with communication platforms for both digital and non digital communication with your customers. Built in telephony, email & chat. Integrate with soial media & Whatsapp from one single interface giving you a complete 360 degree view of your customers for superior customer experience.

Ensure Loyal Customers With A Personalized CRM

Personalize services and make your customers come back to you. Maintain healthy customer relations with an omnichannel presence, predictive intelligence, segmentation, and much more! No matter what your business size or vertical is, our CRM has been proven as one of the best CRM solution of all time!

Empower Your Journey With One Of The Best Crm Solution:

CircleOne Omnichannelled Interactions

Let your customers interact with your business on the channel of their preference. Make your business available on channels of choice via phone, email, chat, or social media.

Modules As Per Demand

Don’t need the full package? We’ve got you covered! Pick and choose only the module that provides essential value to your venture.

A Configurable Solution

CircleOne is a low code / no code application a solution configurable for your ever-evolving business. You can make personalized changes as per your business demands.

Centralized Database

Store all your data in a single database and access any info hassle-free. Curb redundancy issues and witness better team collaboration.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction Comprehensively With An All-Inclusive Solution.

  • Provide exceptional customer service across multiple channels.
  • Increase lead conversion by personalizing marketing campaigns with.
  • Expedite closing deals by utilizing AI-powered insights.

When AI Efficiency Is Introduced To Customer Experience

Enhancing Employee Productivity

  • Enhance the performance of your agents to boost efficiency. Effectively handle customer experience across various business processes.

Understanding Customer Behavior

  • Analyze customer data thoroughly and translate it into actionable insights to comprehend with their requirements, expectations ensuring continueous growth and reducing churn.

Tailored Customer Experiences

  • Develop personalized content and deliver distinctive experiences to each customer, exceeding their expectations.

Track And Analyze On-Going Sales Processes

CircleOne’s CRM application for sales makes it easier for you to get real-time sales updates on a visual dashboard. Get access to detailed reports on sales activities, individual performance, and overall productivity. Not only this, you can further optimize the insights to get team performance and navigate growth opportunities.

Let Your Customers Reach Out On Their Terms!

Connect with your audience via multiple channels and manage your processes with ease.

Streamlined Inbox

Manage all your business emails centrally while ensuring none of your customers go unnoticed. You can create tickets against every email and track the progress. You can easily analyze your service trends, turnaround time and manage a lot more.

Integrated Calling System

Calling has always been and is still the most preferred communication channel among clients. With a centralized telephone solution in CircleOne, your customers can easily reach out to you for effective resolution to their problems. Create tickets over the call and assign to specialists for quick resolution and better tracking.

Effective Chat

This is one of the best real-time communication mediums. It is best for instant responses and allows your team to handle multiple customers at once. They can quickly look into previous chat records to track the issue and progress. Convert chat records into tickets and ensure transparency among teams.

Social Media As A Channel

Take control of your online image using CircleOne’s customer service CRM software. Whether it's a Facebook post or a tweet, promptly engage with your customers. Incorporate social media as a channel for customer interaction and efficiently manage them all within a unified interface.

Human-Like Conversations

Our AI and NLP-driven chatbots simulate human-like conversations to resolve their queries in the most effective way possible. It also fosters a human handoff feature to ensure your customers leave the chat satisfied.

Manage Sales With NLP Powered Bots

Organize and manage sales with utmost efficiency. Take your leads closer to conversion by managing products and inquiries while also arranging scheduled demonstrations and appointments.


Seamless integration with your current CRM or ticketing system ensures smooth alignment with your established workflows, enabling personalized customer experiences without disruption.

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