Rajiv Shukla

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO, Rajiv drives Globtier’s worldwide business strategy, service innovation & project delivery. Under his leadership Globtier has become one of the fastest growing Managed IT solutions provider.

Rajiv’s experience and knowledge in the industry and his unparalleled focus on quality, innovation, and R&D, ensures that Globtier delivers end-to-end solutions that helps build customer loyalty through increased levels of service and improved quality of outputs.

Rajiv has demonstrated passion and foresight in the areas of strategic marketing, customer experience management, product development, brand marketing, and e-commerce. When he’s not busy running his company, Rajiv likes to travel. This gives him the perfect opportunity to try his hands on photography, which he’s extremely passionate about.

Denis N. Kumar

Sr. VP - Business Operations

A seasoned marketing professional with a total work experience of 19 years in the service Industry. Holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management. His leadership skills, people management abilities, experience, and insights into local and international businesses have enabled him to contribute significantly to the Globtier’s development into one of the most dynamic organization in the Managed IT Service industry.

He has been a key player in driving the groups’ growth. He is responsible for identifying growth engines, building new service offerings, business development & marketing. Denis spent the previous decade & a half building sales competencies & marketing plans for Telecom Companies with proven track record of helping organizations grow revenues through sales, marketing and customer engagement. His unique journey and insatiable desire to learn has allowed him to cultivate a wide range of experience in various industries. From marketing and sales in telecom, hospitality and travel, Denis is always interested in exploring new challenges.

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